Travel news and information….

Las Vegas:  March 21, 22nd  & 23rd: To date, this will mark the first time I am choosing to meet someone I have yet to previously encounter in session while visiting Las Vegas.  When in town, I usually only meet with those I know and do not announce it.  This trip I have a few extra days where I am willing to meet someone new - as long as I believe we will have good chemistry and an excellent connection. Hotel encounters with me are intense, authentic, and intimate and in Las Vegas I will be in a 5 star hotel suite.  Advanced booking is required.  I will bring an amazing travel kit that I will have on hand and will take care to protect our privacy while en suite through the use of gags, gloved hand smothering, and other types of smothering for the lucky subjugate.  

Seattle & Portland: My plans are currently forming, but it looks like I will be in the Pacific Northwest between May 6th - May 12th.  Now is the time to get in touch if you’d like to see me in either town.

Hello Lovelies:

I am off to Los Angeles for a few days S&M and R&R.  I will be offline, a rare treat for me indeed!

Bondage & Leather loving Los Angelinos should get in touch via my inbox and I will email you in advance the next time I am dominating the southlands with my personal take on the hedonic pleasures of femdom autocracy!

I am especially looking forward to seeing the Llyn Foulkes show at the Hammer.

Oh yes, and I will be stopping by the glove maker’s workshop, obviously.


Mme. Katorga

P.S. If you’re very good when I return, I’ll tell you more about the stunning double leather domme session I did with Vinyl Queen recently! Smoking.Hot.

P.P.S. That’s the Clejuso Anchor Cuff on the slide bar in the back of my jail cell at The State.  

February has been full of bondage, domination, and celebration… which I suppose, if you think about it, all months are quite delightful in that way for Me.  However, this is the month I was born and so I had to enjoy even more!

I recently celebrated my birthday and I am still celebrating… and will continue to do so for the rest of the month it seems!  Leave it to a hedonist and femdom to take more days than one to commemorate an anniversary, eh?  

I’ve been indulged by those offering themselves up in bondage, submission, and servitude and have been nicely pampered with some quality gifts and letters of gratitude, I must say.  It has been a sweet birthday thus far.

Next week, I will take a trip to Los Angeles on Wednesday and stay through to Saturday afternoon.

From there, I will return to San Francisco to take a lucky slave who has served me well out to a fetish nightclub with me where he will serve and suffer for me in public.  I will then take a break from my hedonistic fetishism and travel for a few days!  Perhaps I’ll finally have a chance to sit and rest my feet while my male property massages & pampers them and I can find time to write about these adventures in full.

Happy Valentine’s Day ;)


Mme. Katorga

Vinegar Valentines Description, for those not familiar 

New FemDom Forum!

I am thrilled to announce that a new forum run by FemDoms is officially open to the public.  If you’re interested in having an online dialog with FemDoms & those who submit to them, you should sign on.

We’ve just opened the doors.  A message board is at its best when others participate and grow some sense of community together, it’s an organic process.  The goal here is a positive place for professional and lifestyle (not mutually exclusive) dominant women to interact with one another and to communicate with those interested in being under the control of dominant women.  Not everyone on the message board will live their lives 24-7 but some do which can be interesting and inspiring for those who are only able to participate in BDSM occasionally.

So tell your Mistress and sign on for yourselves… 

Dominant & kinky women can see this as a chance to promote new projects and communicate with others about their points of view, interests, and connect and interface with each other without competition. 

All Star Doms Forum is officially Open!

I run my own personal board there and participate in a variety of topics both as a moderator and community member.  I am very interested in fostering positive FemDom space for both subs and bottoms as well as for dominant women.

Oh, and also: this is an especially useful space for those who seek some privacy not provided by spaces like fetlife.

For those who are hoping to hear more from my particular point of view & ask questions and communicate more directly with me outside of sessions, that’s the place to do so.  I find Tumblr’s social element minimal.  It’s great for a blog and sharing photos, but it’s not really a place I can respond to queries, thus, AllStarDoms.Net….

For my part, it’s a relief to have another FemDom driven message board after the re-alignment of “The Scene”, which was generously run for all our pleasure by Domina Irene Boss for many years.  I deeply enjoyed my participation on that board & because of that board, I realized I still wanted a place to connect with others around mutual kink. Happily, a number of Mistresses I met through that forum agreed and we’ve started our own online space.

Don’t be shy, sign on and communicate.  


Welcome to 2013, the lucky 13!

Madame’s New Year’s resolution relates to this blog and generally trying to write a little more often & work on my website once again.  We’ll see if that happens in a timely manner! Things do get compelling that have nothing to do with pixels and the internet and of course, when one is very involved in the dungeon and in the personal life, it’s not always desirable to sit and write or even edit photos.

There are fun and exciting things coming up in 2013, so here are a few things I thought I’d mention.  

The News For Now:


Alas, those shoes I posted previously have been proven positively to be a very excellent digital manufacture.  They are not real.  Thank you to all those who dug and dug online and tried to find them for me (and probably to reap the reward of that bounty!) and of course thank you kindly first to my dear ‘diversion of joy’ (you know who you are) for proving positively that these were only a very good bit of art.  Oh well.  

Perhaps I’ll put out another bounty, it seems a very fun way to occupy you all and reward those who follow through.

2. FemDom Forum

For a number of years, the inimitable Ms. Irene Boss operated a discussion board for we ladies to enjoy and you subbies to peruse and some of you even wrote there.  All good things come to an end and she needed to change the way that board operated to be a more personal space for those who plan to visit her at the compound.  I miss the space and I am not alone.  GOOD NEWS! There will soon be an announcement about a new FemDom Message Board online, run by real FemDom ladies with the goal of being a place for those who love women in charge to talk about BDSM and ladies to talk amongst themselves.  

I promise to let you know when it’s public as long as you will seriously consider signing up to write and communicate there.  I’ll have my own message board there for those that wish to communicate with me directly.  Tumblr doesn’t offer an opportunity for a discussion, but a message board does.  More as it becomes ready to announce, but this is going to be great!

3: This Terrible Flu in the United States

Personally, I do everything I can to protect myself from becoming ill because it’s terribly upsetting for all involved when I have to cancel due to illness.  Here’s a bit of information for those of you who play with others to help protect yourself this very virulent flu season, it’s outrageous the number of people who’ve fallen ill around me, protect yourself and each other!

4: New Wicked Encounter Ideas Coming Soon!

Here’s the preview:  

A wonderful local bay area dominatrix and I have recently teamed up to put together our plan for a Double Domination concept that will really knock your socks off.  Kidnapping, Imprisonment, Humiliation, Medical Scenes, Dragged to multiple dungeons, and more!  All Day Slavery encounters are what we’re talking about.  It may take me a bit to get this idea into a website, but we’re laughing maniacally while we set it up and make our Duplex Dominae plans.  In the meantime if you’re dreaming of a once in a lifetime tour through the hidden sexy underground of the secret FemDom society in San Francisco, get in touch for details.  This is not based on “hourly concepts” but rather a full package she and I will offer for 8, 12, 24, or 48 hour encounters with two FemDoms at the top of their game.  

2013 is going to be delightful and is already in full swing!

Never fear, I haven’t forgotten you all.  It has been a bit of a madhouse since September.  

Speaking of madhouse, who doesn’t love a good straight jacket/bedlam/quack psychiatry/ behavioral reprogramming fantasy now and then, eh?

image: Clejuso leg iron, a portion Madame’s full size, steel jail cell (which weighs close to a ton), and nothing to do but wait for my return and hope for a crust of bread to gnaw upon.

Happy New Year!  Let’s hope 2013 is terribly perverse.

I can’t believe this Friday I will be heading to see Ms. Irene Boss at her amazing, stunning, overwhelmingly equipped studio of domination The Compound in Pittsburgh, PA!  

I’m looking forward to it.  Here’s a link to a little conversation about the trip there and links to reviews of my last trip there.  If you’re in the area, you should plan to meet me, this will be the last chance I have to visit Pennsylvania for a good long while…

These shoes … words still fail me.  

Now that you are back from masturbating furiously after just glancing at these incredible altars of feminine cruelty & now that you have added this to your “FemDom Footwear” folder on your hard drive…. Wipe the drool off your chin and the goo from your hands, and let’s have a chat.

These are perhaps the most beautiful fetish objects I have seen in a very long time.    Don’t you think?  

I suddenly have a bit of a crush on the mind that came up with them, and a legion of fantasies have recently been inspired while thinking of them on my feet!

I have uploaded the image to search for it in a variety of contexts and thus far, I am only finding others who have posted the image, but no information regarding the originating photographer, shoemaker, or even the owner of these heels.  Oh internet, you can be so cruel.

On to the meat of the matter…. I’d like to speak with the person who created them.  I’d even like to speak with the person who owns them.  

And so, because they’ve caught my mind -  I am officially placing a bounty on these heels.

If someone can get these in my size and get them to me (and thus get me in touch with the person who created them), I will reward you with an extended encounter in my studio of domination where these heels will feature prominently.  And by extended encounter, I mean a full afternoon.

If you cannot gift me the shoes but can gift me the name and contact information for the person who made the pair, I will also offer a reward.  We will talk privately about that reward, but you will have my appreciation. 

Of late, I have been studying shoe and bootmaking and learning all the ins and outs of that business.  One of my slaves is learning to make custom boots  (it is going well but there is a reason this is a dying art unless one is mass producing rather than creating bespoke footwear).  While I know a bit about machining heels and have been looking into it, this pair really took my breath away both on the craft, imagination, and of course the thought of wearing and using these on the prostrate body & tongue of a willing victim.

Kudos to the person who set this photograph up with the Eric Stanton art behind these shoes, by the way! Nice work.

I am truly excited  to visit Ms. Irene Boss at her world infamous Compound in Pittsburgh, PA.  She and I make a wicked duo, have excellent chemistry, and her dungeon equipment is some of the best in the world.  The last time I was visiting Ms. Boss in Pittsburgh, we got up to some serious mischief and I am thrilled to have been invited back.  

Mme. Katorga Visits Domina Irene Boss December 1st-3rd at The Compound in Pittsburgh, PA

For the true enthusiast: An encounter with both Ms. Irene Boss and Mme. Katorga is a memory you won’t soon forget! They are a truly powerful team.  Madame’s schedule will fill quickly. Do not delay in reserving your time with Madame’s special marque of Female Dominance.   Madame Katorga in Pittsburgh December 1st- 3rd

From the text on Ms. Boss’ website, which you can find here

A refined application of tyranny travels east!

For a limited three day engagement, Madame Katorga will be accepting sessions at Domina Irene Boss’s Compound December 1st - 3rd.

Mme. Katorga has over 10 years of experience and runs her own private studio of domination in the San Francisco Bay area.  

She is a classic leather dominatrix and sadist who weaves her impeccable sense of control and fetishism to tease, torture, and demand the most out of those who submit to her.  

Her wicked sense of humor, serious passion for BDSM, and incisive intellect combine for an unforgettable experience. 

Madame Katorga delights in a wide range of activities:

  • Bondage: from light stricture to total immobility and sensory depravation
  • Creative Glove & Boot Domination, Control, and (if you earn it) Worship
  • Humiliation: from erotic embarrassment to debasement
  • Interrogation & Prison Sessions
  • CBT & NT: Torment, Torture, Control
  • Electrical Torture
  • Piercing
  • Erotic Mind Fuckery 
  • Corporal Punishment 
  • Whipping
  • Authoritarian Discipline  
  • Hypnotic Verbal Control
  • Sadistic tease and denial
  • Creative psychological scenarios.

Click here for more details: and after taking a look there, click the “Schedule” link on Dom Boss’ site to set an appointment while I am visiting.